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Jaya Sukses Group began in 2009. We are an authorized distributor of some international standards electrical engineering products. Jaya Sukses Group continues to develop better quality and achievement through a process of continuous improvement. We innovate by recruiting staff - experts who are experienced and dedicated in the field. This is commonly assessed on the achievements that have been obtained and the work completed.

Featured Products

We are continuously committed to providing the best for our customers by improving our products catalogue and services quality.

Our Services

We provides meticulous servicing support for products supplied to customers by our principals. As their engineering wing, we swiftly respond to specification changes during the construction process and any problems that arise during the product warranty period.


We propose checks and maintenance plans for important equipment and systems according to the number of years they have been in service.


If equipment or systems break down, we restore operation and performance by replacing or returning electrical and mechanical parts.


JEMA recommends changing out breakers every 15 years or a specified number of ON-OFF cycles. We can replace or retrofit those for you.

Our Projects

Our installation and maintenance projects are across regions and industries.

Sea World Ancol

Sea World Ancol

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Singapore MRT

Singapore MRT

Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel

Our Products

PT Jaya Sukses Semesta
PT Jaya Sukses Nusantara
PT Jaya Sukses Manggala
PT Jaya Sukses Viriya

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